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At last, the magnificent Janet Stanton is back! 

When her husband Dave meets Janet again after her stay abroad (we'll find out what that trip was about), she's even bigger and more in control than before.

And what's more, she's brought the tall and beautiful Ginnie from Spain with her. 

David is pondering whether he can take the domination and controlling much longer when out of the blue his old friend Callan turns up - and Callan and Janet have never liked each other.

After a wild night out, the two tall women and the men end up in the hot tub, and the scene that enfolds has to be seen to be believed...

This chapter features two georgeous women - one a bodybuilder, the other one fit and tall; delicious domination and humiliation, comparisons, lifts, incredible NSFW scenes, and so much more...

Two more chapters will follow. 

105 pages

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