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A female muscle comic by Amazonias!

While Stephen is at home, waiting for his big female bodybuilder colleague Mona to show up, he thinks of his childhood and how he got hooked on tall girls. Relationships with tall girls never panned out, and Stephen ended up with Rachel, whom he loves dearly but.... well... she's small.

When Mona arrives she takes care of Rachel (trigger warning: she puts her out), and then of Stephen. Flaunting her muscles and her massiveness, she quickly gets him yearning for her, and they both know there is no turning back. The next day, at work, Mona continues to play games with Steven, also involving her little bitch Angela.

For Steven it quickly becomes clear that things have just gotten started...

Part two of this superhot series features the incredibly muscular and massive Mona lifting and dominating Steven in all possible ways, flexing and comparisons, an aerial blow job, girl-on-girl juiciness, a young big girl/little guy romantic scene, and much more!

115 pages

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