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A female muscle comic by Amazonias!

Steven is at a great place in his life: nice job, nice house, nice girlfriend. But today, it's all going to start crumbling down...

That's because of the arrival of a new colleague at work. She's the exotic Mona: tall, dark, veiny, hugely muscular, and extremely dominant.

Already on the first day, this female bodybuilder makes it very clear to Steve that she likes him, and right away Steven is obsessed. Things take a more serious time at an after hours work-party, where Mona shows Steve that she takes what she wants when she wants it.

The next day, just when Steven thinks he can't face her anymore, Mona orchestrates new plans for him.

This amazing new series by lecter38 features Mona, a woman of mysterious ethnic origin. We see her lift, flex, compare, smother, armwrestle... and many other things, both to our boy Steve and to a female co-worker. If sexual actions without consent are not your thing, you better stay away :-)

108 pages

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