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Abby and Rick grew up together, but in their college years lost touch. We meet these two during a holiday, when they're both back in their native town and bump into each other on a run. Rick is stunned to see that his friend, whom he introduced to the gym a long time ago, has now grown into incredibly muscular girl who's also quite a bit taller than him!

Big musclegirl Abby is delighted to see Rick again, and can't stop showing off her muscles. When he looks at her boobs instead, she gets a bit irritated and shows him what her body can do, but later they're all good again and Rick proceeds with exploring Abby's muscles. The huge female bodybuilder even uses him as a weight! It's a reunion Rick is not likely to easily forget! 

This comic by Muscleville Club features a very sexy blonde who doesn't know her own strength and has a slightly mischievous streak. There's lots of lifts, lapsitting, worshipping, and the showing off of big glorious muscles! 

133 pages!

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