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This bundle contains all four chapters of the series The Protectress. 

On his first day at college, Danny is confronted again with Nestor, his old bully. To his rescue comes Nina, a very tall girl. Nina invites him to her dorm room, and makes a proposal: if Danny will help her with math, Nina will become Danny's protectress, making sure Danny will not be bullied again. Danny is interested, but a bit sceptical: is Nina really woman enough to protect him against big and mean Nestor? Nina sets out to prove that she is.

This comic gives you one of the cutest characters I've ever created. Nina is very tall - sort of a minigiantess - though less muscular than my usual characters. She's very sexy, playful and naughty. You'll see amazing comparisons, lifts, poses, beauty and much more!

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412 pages in total!

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