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After their dinner and some lifting and carrying in her hotel, Derek suddenly finds himself in Rhonda's bedroom, sitting on her powerful thighs.

Rhonda taunts him saying he's being dominated by an eighteen-year-old. Then she throws him on the bed and holds him down. 

She flexes and Derek is in heaven. But he has drawn a line for himself. He's a married man and won't go too far. 

Rhonda, however, is incredibly gorgeous and such a turn-on. Derek will have to make a decision...

This series contains some of my best work, with much attention to detail and a great plot. featuring the amazingly sexy and beautiful Rhonda. This episode has beautiful comparisons, lapsitting, lift and carry, a NSFW scene, domination, humiliation and control,  flexing, muscle worship, romance... and much more!

106 pages

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