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Beautiful Morgan has a sexy, fit body, and yet she's still insecure about her relationship with her boyfriend Harry. Lately, he's gone out all too frequently and stayed away till all too late.

One night, while Harry's in the bar, Morgan is in the library, and in one of the old books in the attic, she finds a spell.

To both her and Harry's surprise, Morgan not only succeeds in enlarging her breasts, but also in shrinking her boyfriend.

As she makes him smaller and smaller, she notices how she is enjoying the power over him. This magic is exactly what she needs to make sure he'll stay hers!

This comic features a beautiful fit-bodied heroine, huge size discrepancies, shrinking, domination, power play, big boobs, and lots more!

You're not used to this kind of content from me, and it's new for me too, but I had a lot of fun making it, and I hope you'll enjoy it!

Thanks to Fonsize for his help in writing this comic!

100 pages

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