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Ella's friend Cindy doesn't believe anything of Zane's memory loss, and starts to be a serious threat to the small man. She intimidates him and shows him that she won't be fucked with.

Fortunately the mean girl is stopped when Ella shows signs of her first growth spurt. She gains mass and definition right before Zane's eyes! Ella orders him to make some meat for her and by the time he's back, Ella is half a head taller than Zane. And she's horny and wants to see how strong she is. A spectacular scene follows that involves two big girls, a small boy, and some meat.

Cindy then threatens Zane some more, Zane hears more about this growing thing from Nick, and finally faces Ella again, who seems to want sex above anything else.

This chapter contains female muscle growth, intimidation, domination and humiliation, scissors, lifts, some girl-on-girl action, comparisons, flexing and more delicious stuff!

At the same moment, Ella 

105 pages

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