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 The twins Mike and John are in for a surprise as new neighbors move in next door! This is one freaky, tall, muscular family, and none of them makes any effort to hide their preference for tiny men!

The mom, Yelena, is tall and looks strong, but she's nothing compared to her daughters. The twins are first taunted by the huge and beautiful eighteen year old bodybuilder Natasha. The three first play a computer game, after which Natasha switches to wrestling - and takes them on both at the same time!

Later, the twins and their dad are invited to dinner, and dad too is in for a surprise as Yelena's other huge daughter Anna walks in and promptly starts to play with daddy under the table. 

There's lots of incredible stuff to enjoy in this comic, from amazing two-on-one wrestling scenes with wonderful poses, including bearhugs and great lifts, to sexy domination, comparisons, lapsitting, breastfeeding and mommy-play...!

Yet another great comic by Lecter38, who does a great job bringing all your muscles fantasies to life!

118 pages

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