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In this incredible and extra long chapter, we meet female bodyuilders Tanya, Shirley and little Sammy again two years later. Tanya and Sammy have moved in together, and because Sammy has done all the work in the household, Tanya has had a lot of time to work out and get bigger. And she's huge! A true mastodont of woman, ravishingly beautiful, supersexy, and extremely self-confident, overpowering her boyfriend like you've never seen!

In the first part of the comic, we see a juicy confrontation between Tanya and Sammy, who disappoints his muscular mistress by not doing the laundry in time. Then Tanya asks Sammy a question about some emails that she found.

She then takes Sammy to... a tattoo parlor, where she'll make her property claim on him more explicit.

In the third part, Sammy and the two female bodybuilders are together, having fun. Tanya finds ways to get Shirley in on the action, and the hottest scenes imaginable ensue...

This is an extra long comic full of everything you love: beautiful, big, sexy and supermuscular amazon women bossing around a short man. There's throatlifts, cradle lifts, one-handed lifts, boobs, flexes, comparisons... There's also a little bit of brother-sister naughtiness (within reason), so if you can't handle that, stay away.

134 pages

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