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This bundle contains all eight parts of the Muscle Therapy series

Muscle Therapy is the extremely hot story of therapist Eric who gets Eleonore, a huge female bodybuilder as a client. As she walks into the door, Eric can't believe his good luck, as he's an admirer of tall, strong, muscular women himself.

Over the sessions, Eleonore explains here issues, while Eric is getting more and more obsessed and desperate, doing things not suitable for work, and not suitable for therapist-client relationships! At a certain point, Eric has the brilliant idea to work with hypnosis...

This series has everything you want from a female muscle & domination comic. Eleonore was the first girl on Amazonias to be really really tall. She's incredibly sexy, sports huge muscles and can be aggressive and dominant (that's why she's in therapy). You'll see wonderfully sexy comparisons, holds, lifts, big female muscle, domination, humiliation, great dialogue, and so much more...

(the characters, Eric and Eleonore, return in the Sophie's Property series - these are not included here)

Almost 800 pages in total!

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