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"A few months have passed since Caroline and Ryan last saw each other," this comics begins.

Wait, what??

Why would Ryan wait a few *months* before seeing a fantastic musclegirl like Caroline again? Is he crazy?

He's not. He's just still... verrrry intimidated by the big female bodybuilder (though a muscle-woke reader knows that the real reason, of course, is that this gives Caroline some time to grow more ;-)

In any case, Caroline becomes impatient, and Ryan is easily convinced to go through the next steps of their budding relationship when Caroline sends him a BIG selfie.  We follow the odd couple from the coffee ship to Caroline's room...

This third part in the Muscle Romance series has been a long time coming. So long, in fact, that Kycolv08, its creator, has updated his style in the meantime. Most things though, have remained the same: a huuuuge girl, a cute small guy, a lot of lifting, kissing, flexing, intimidating, and much more.

This series will be closed with a fourth and final epsiode. 

78 pages

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