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In the second part of this female muscle growth series, Mindy and Scott take things to the next level. In one wild night, Scott's dreams come true and Mindy discovers parts of herself she didn't know existed! After they catch their breath, they make plans to discuss things further and Carrie deals with a shocking surprise!

Things get complicated in the morning as all of them try to put their arms around the magnitude of Mindy's new circumstances. Tempers get high, risks are taken and things may never be the same. See what happens in the new, exciting chapter of Muscle Chemistry!

This female muscle comic undoubtedly the most explicit one on Amazonias. I had to blur some of the thumbnail pictures because even at their tiny sizes they weren't suitable for work. Yes, that kind of close-ups!

This comic is by artist Devin Shadow (more of her work at ddcreationz.com). It features lively, sparkling dialogue, believable and sexy characters, female muscle growth, and a lot more. 

119 pages

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