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A new female musclegrowth comic by a new author 

Love can be hard but it's harder when the one you love... is in love with someone else.
Mindy is a typical college student with a unique problem. She's in love with her best friend Scott. As if that's not difficult enough, he's in love with her tall, athletic room mate. Tired of having a front row seat to him lavishing affection on someone else, she turns to her chemistry professor for comfort.

In a moment of desperation, Mindy takes a dangerous risk to get Scott's attention and the effects are nothing short of astounding. Mindy grows into a big female bodybuilder with huge muscles, Will that be enough to get Scott to finally notice her in the way she's always hoped?

At Amazonias, we're happy to welcome new artist Devin Shadow (more of her work at ddcreationz.com). This comic features lively, sparkling dialogue, believable and sexy characters, female muscle growth (and the promise of more of it!), and a lot more. 

114 pages


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