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Kurt is a 32 year old German who is honeymooning in Thailand with his beautiful wife Helga. When he takes a walk on the beach alone, he runs into his fantasy: an enormously muscular female bodybuilder.

Kurt is incredibly impressed, but knowing that such big, strong women are very rare, plucks up all his courage and approaches the muscular beauty. Not only is she nice to him: she invites him to rub sunblock all over her massive muscles.

Kurt gets to know every inch of her as he rubs her big thighs and calves, her abs, and her big boobs. In the meantime, the little guy and the big woman get to know each other better.

And then, suddenly, there's not just one fantasy woman, but two.

Kurt can't believe what's happening to him...

You'll enjoy incredibly muscular beauty, eye-popping muscle comparisons, close-ups of slabs of muscle, of little hands on big boobs, and much more. I dare you to go through this comic in one sitting!

86 pages.

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