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Young female bodybuilder Megan learns there is high demand for female domination content on her college campus and in the city in general. Thinking it might be something fun she tells her friends she is interested into trying it. Her roommate and friends, however, believe it's not in kind Megan’s nature to be a dominatrix. Will Megan be able to bring them to different ideas about her?

Also in this episode, we learn that Megan’s rival, the other female bodybuilder Ellie, has been having trouble getting her own domination channel going after Megan began protecting Leslie. The mean and massive girl is willing to do anything to get Leslie back in front of a camera and at her feet. We also get introduced to Ken, a young martial arts instructor who has a school near Megan’s university and has caused quite an impression on the young woman (he seems very impressed by her as well).

This comic has lots of goodness for fans of both gentle and more cruel female domination:  Ellie’s brutal forcing of her subjects into servitude contrasts nicely with Megan’s sexual compelling her little ones into submission. One works with fear and pain, the other with awe and desire. Both, of course, involve a lot of juicy female muscle and awe-inspiring strength!

Lots of NSFW scenes in this marvelous comic by Kurt Logan!

113 pages

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