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Yue was always a tiny girl. When her parents - who consider her a nuissance and are fed up with her - drop her in an institution for troubled kids, Yue decides she's tired of being pushed around. She decides she's also fed up with being small, and picks up weights to become more athletic. Soon her ambition grows, as do her muscles. She works out and goes on and on and never stops.

The results? Massive muscle growth, that will allow her to impress the boys, be the boss, and change her relationship with her parents.

Elenamazon, who brought us Stacie, has created another incredible heroine with Yue. At sixteen, she is a sight to behold. Even for Amazonias' standards, she is just massive, dwarfing everyone around her. You'll be amazed at the comparisons in this story, which leave nothing to the imagination!

This female muscle growth comic contains amazing and detailed growth scenes, incredible comparisons, lifts, domination, muscle worship and lots of other mega-juicy stuff.

101 pages

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