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This chapter starts with Liz and Barb, both grown into big musclechicks, greeting each other passionately and then putting Jason and Paul to work. Then the girls take Robbie, the birthday boy, to the pool and divulge part one of his birthday gift: he gets to play with Liz's big muscles, and Liz does things to him as long as he doesn't say no. You'll see some insanely hot leg scissors by Liz.
You can guess the second part of the birthday present: Gillian arrives soon after, and her new physique has to be seen to be believed. She has grown in all dimensions, but has also matured into a sexy young woman. It's almost as if little Robbie vanishes when standing in front of her.
Jason painfully remembers being humiliated - and much more - by Barb, when she challenged him to a wrestling match in Liz's house. Even though she was still a bit small back then, she shows no mercy.

So hot you'll be begging for more.

114 pages

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