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Jerry's got a crush on the beautiful Lexy. For Jerry, Lexy is perfect as she is: cute, vibrant, trimmed and... tiny. But Lexy doesn't like being tiny. Jerry, fortunately, is a genius studying chemistry. Lexy's told him that if he can find a way to make her taller, they will date.

And so one night, Jerry's been burning the midnight oil and calls Lexy saying that he might have a breakthrough. He's right! The newest version of his invention works, and Lexy grows. She becomes not just taller, but also fitter. And she grows absolutely fabulous boobs. To his surprise, Jerry also notices some changes in her personality...

Girls just wanna be Big is a a classic female muscle growth comic with a beautiful tiny girl who's getting a lot bigger, discovering her strength and power. The comic features awesome comparisons, lifts, a very juicy NSFW scene on an incline bench, dominating kisses, and lots of other good stuff! 

112 pages

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