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This episodes starts with a flashback in which we find Freya - already an athletic girl but much smaller than we last saw her - together with her boyfriend on the night before their goodbye. His attempt to keep her pinned to the bed is... well, reversed.

After we learn where the muscular young woman got her wrestling skills, we turn back to the present day and continue where part 2 left off. Fey and Pete's romantic beach outing is interrupted by Jon, who bought the huge Troy to teach Fey a lesson.

Things, needless to say, do not go as Jon planned and Fey proves to be quite a challenge even for a male musclestud...

After that, we see Fey participate in the Crossfit championships, and we end with a juicy NSFW scene between Fey's host parents. Elisabeth in the meantime has grown quite some muscle and her husband Michael is no longer a match for her...

This episode contains comparisons, lifts (including a wonderfully done overhead one), wrestling, domination, a NSFW scene, crossfit scenes, romance, and much more. Fey is so scorchingly hot and amazingly beautiful that you'll went to crawl right into this comic!

116 pages

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