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Victoria has always been a tall, athletic wallflower. Quiet by nature and diligent in her work, she doesn't appreciate being ignored in the company, both in her accomplishments and also in her love life. Though her male colleagues are intrigued by her height, they chase other women - like Brandi, the Office Manager.

One day, a new girl joins the company. Kimberly has a body to die for, and is tall and athletic as well. She dresses provocatively and is quite ready to use her Amazonian size and strength to get what she wants.

After failing to convince her bosses of her needs, she takes to the boardroom with the help of Brandi.

Seeing how Kimberly gets her way with the men, Victoria decides that it's time for her to grow and forge a whole new career path for herself.

This female domination comic features beautiful comparisons with tall, muscular women, smothering, scissoring, domination and humiliation, power play, flexing, and much more.

128 pages

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