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It's been two months since Charlene became ill. Her husband Jerry, a renowned doctor and geneticist, used an experimental drug to cure her. Unintentionally, however, he transformed her into a towering muscular amazon. At the end of part one, we got a glimpse of Charlene at her biggest, and that's how she looks in part 2!

When Jerry loses his job and can no longer practice medicine, the couple is in dire financial straits. Fortunately there's Roy, Jerry's younger brother, who comes up with an idea. Roy happens to know that some guys would pay a lot of money for a "session" with a gigantic woman like Charlene. And so, soon after, Charlene has her first session with one of Roy's friends...

At a little over ten feet, Charlene is definitely one of the biggest and tallest musclegirls Amazonias has ever seen - her husband barely reaches her middle! This episode, apart from showing this female bodybuilder's size, muscles and big boobs in all their glory, also has great lifts and holds, scissors, flexing, domination, facesitting, muscle and feet worship, the most amazing comparisons, and so much more!

104 pages

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