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Remy is still at Stella's place, sort of running away from home. It's night now, and time to go to bed. Remy is very nervous to share a bed with a girl prettier and sexier than the ones in his rich imagination.

The next morning Remy proposes his plan for Stella's growth. They'll benchmark her body today, taking pictures and measuring her big, beautiful female muscles.

Then, while they're having lunch, Remy is called back home. Stella hits the weights and... waits. Until she hears from her lover and even though they're not close, they're having a really good time together.

In this comic you'll get an awesome measuring and comparison scene, a hot scene in bed, lapsitting, cradle lifting, and you'll be witness to Stella's evolving character as she gets more and more confident, and more and more naughty...

This series is all about realism, characters with depth, tension that builds up, plot and dialogue so believable that you really feel immersed in the story as if you were there...! I've spent a lot of effort on the graphics and storytelling. It's pure, subtle hotness mixed with sweet romance, and a lot of muscle and beauty!

103 pages

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