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Cindy has arranged for Stella to be together with both Remy and Tino, and she's explained the new rules to the boys. But then, Stella's friend leaves, and our big giantess is alone with the two small boys who are adoring her, and who she adores.

She puts them down in front of her, darfing them entirely, wondering what to do. Tino takes the initiative, but as he starts worshipping, Remy can't control himself. 

The huge bodybuilder girl brings her tiny boyfriend to the bed and they have a chat, and try again. And then, Stella makes a discovery that could change everything...

This amazing episode is an incredible 1-vs-2 scene, where the sexy bodybuilder girl body is not compared to just Remy or Tino but to both of them at the same time. There's lift and carries, a very hot NSFW scene with an aerial handjob, domination and gentle humiliaton, flexing, and much more wonderful stuff!

This series is all about realism, characters with depth, tension that builds up, plot and dialogue so believable that you really feel immersed in the story as if you were there...! I've spent a lot of effort on the graphics and storytelling. It's pure, subtle hotness mixed with sweet romance, and a lot of muscle and beauty!

107 pages

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