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When Ellie and Seth fight and Ellie throws him out of the house, Seth books a hotel room. Feeling lonely and believing that their relationship is over anyway, Seth can't resist going online and checking if he can do what he always wanted to do, but never did: book a session with an Amazon...

Sometimes I really want to express myself and my fantasies with a lot of words, rather than with pictures. It's the same steaming hot content, but it leaves more to the reader's imagination. 

14 pages of text


Her voice was delicious and made my dick feel pop up anew. A heavy, darkish, authoritative yet warm voice. And it oozed self-confidence.

- “Ehm, you’re welcome. So ehm... are you free?”

- “As a matter of fact I am, Steve. Where exactly are you?”

- “A hotel. Downtown Manhattan. Lower East.”

- “I could make that anytime after eight. I charge four hundred per hour.”

- “Oh...” I said, hesitating. “That seems... more than the others.”

- “Are you going to haggle with an amazon, boy?”

That was... oh my god that was exciting. Not just her voice, or what she said, but the fact that she said it. That she had sniffed me out, had felt what I needed.

- “Ehm, no, Mistress...” I said it so naturally, and it was so fucking hot to say it, for the first time ever, to a real person, in all seriousness. “It’s just that... there’s not much information on you in your profile. The others have pictures.”

- “I’m not the others, boy. I like to keep myself as a surprise. Do you need to know anything more than that I’m really tall, really strong, really built, and really goodlooking?”

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