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In the second part of this amazing series, the growing, tall, and muscular Janet increases her control over her smaller husband Dave. After punishing him for getting rid of her gym equipment, we find the couple in the home of Dave's boss and his wife.

The foursome has a wild party with lots of alcohol and... stuff happens! There's some hot action between strong Janet and the boss's wife, after which she takes to the boss himself (when Dave has passed out). 

The next day, David witnesses his wife take out a bigger guy at her gym, and becomes more intimidated than ever. After the session, Janet shows David every corner of the room, and tells him how things are going to change, once more.

This is a female muscle growth story that feels very real because it is actually based on real life events. K. Styler does an excellent job at capturing the dynamics of a relationship where the woman is in charge and the man is put more and more into an inferior and submissive role as his wife grows bigger and stronger.

This chapter features almost anything you can think of: several NSFW scenes, armwrestling, lifting, comparisons, mental and physical domination and humiliation, workouts, girl-on-girl action, mixed fighting, and a lot more!

124 pages (+ some bonus pics)

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