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Rhonda, the gorgeous eighteen year old female bodybuilder, and Derek, the 45 year old endocrinologist, are getting closer to each other. Rhonda feels Derek's submissiveness, and knows she can get anything from him.

Yet for now, Rhonda manages to restrain herself. We see her channelling her desires and emotions into heavy workouts, martial arts fights, and the torturing of little Victor at school. Oh, and she's also getting more dominant with Darius, her "black cock".

When her her authorative dad, not liking her spending money on muscle supplements, cuts her allowance, Rhonda takes another step with Derek...

This series contains some of my best work, with much attention to detail and a great plot. featuring the amazingly sexy and beautiful Rhonda. This episode has beautiful comparisons, lift and carry, a NSFW scene with scissoring, martial arts, workouts, flexing, subtle domination, and much more !

108 pages

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