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Imagine you're eighteen. Your parents leave the house and think you still need a babysitter.

The babysitter arrives, and she's a downright muscular sex bomb.


When eighteen year old Mike and nine year old Luke see their new babysitter, their eyes fall out of their sockets: eighteen year old Elena is a huge, tall, round powerhouse with an incredible figure and glorious breasts.

And Elena is not too shy to play some games...

While pampering little Luke, she shows Mike who is the boss, at armwrestling and at playing an original game of chess. Things remain pretty innocent as long as the little brother is around, but then the huge female bodybuilder brings Luke upstairs and... it's time for more adult games with Mike...

This female muscle comic features beautiful comparisons, lifts, armwrestling, scissors, a hot NSFW scene, and of course the gorgeous Elena and her beautiful boobs, abs, thighs and calves!  

108 pages

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