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Imagine waking up on a raft in the middle of the ocean, together with an unknown woman. Imagine that unknown woman is the hugest human you've ever seen: a big, seven feet two tall female bodybuilder, who is big-boobed and amazingly sexy to boot.

That's the situation that little Perry finds himself in. Is it a dream, or a nightmare? He's not sure. Things slowly get weirder. Perry knows that he has to stay on this woman's good side. But food and space are limited. Tempers may rise. Panic may strike. Who knows what will happen. Who knows how this giantess will react in the face of an ever more desperate situation. Will Perry survive Samantha?

An amazing comic with an original setting and an ever weirder ambiance. It's full of incredible comparisons, big boobs, beautiful lifts, and kinky power play...

95 pages

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