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Milo, a young American, is going to study in Lyon, France. He's only met Angeline, the young French woman that he'll share a flat with, online. Upon arrival in France, he is thunderstruck not just at her beauty, but also at her size: Angeline is a six feet two bodybuilder, with massive muscles and boobs to boot. Milo soon discovers Angeline loves to compare sizes and talk about her body. Moreover, the young man also finds out that big powerful girls like her... seem to turn him on. Where will living together take these two young people?

Visually and graphically, this comic may be my best so far (December 2018), and I think it has a great story and setting as well - and an ubersexy female protagonist!

Lots of comparison shots, sexy female muscle, and very subtle psychological domination in this one! 

83 pages.