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It's Dustin Fellows' first day of his new internship at Tallwear, a company that makes clothes for oversize people. Dustin is in for a surprise when he sees the first employee in the office: Charmaine, an incredibly sexy blonde female bodybuilder with huge muscles. He's even more flabbergasted when she tells him her age. 

Charmaine puts Dustin to work, but not much later he incidentally offends her. So Charmaine starts a premature evaluation. Then Dustin's eyes fall out of their sockets as Cecilia, Charmaine's mom, comes in.

This superhot female muscle comic features supreme female muscle beauty, awesome comparisons, sexy talk, an incredible 2-on-1 NSFW scene with the two musclewomen lifting and manipulating the small guy every which way, and so much more.

110 pages

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