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Chapter 14: full ownership

Driving home with her brand new car with daddy next to her, Hannah makes a stop to reward Michael. One more line gets crossed...

The next day, the gigantic sisters are visiting the icecream parlor while discussing what happened yesterday, and their preferences for the guys in their life. Seeing these giantesses with their icecream cone on little chairs is... a sight to behold!

That same night, Hailey discusses Hannah's gift (much more expensive than her home gym) with Michael, and convinces him that he's got something to make up to her.

And then it's time for an incredible workout scene in the attic, where the two big female bodybuilders are being witnessed by the two guys, who will very willingly participate in their physical games... 

Are you sitting down?

This chapter contains incredible comparisons and lifts, some unbelievable boob work, a blow job, awesome domination, comparisons, lifts, flexing, work-outs, and so much more!

Muscles in the Family is a long female muscle growth series that tells the story of two girls who want to get bigger for one boy. Hannah and Hailey, starting out at thirteen and twelve years old respectively, have a crush on Leon. Leon is from a different mom and dad, but they have been living together ever since Hannah and Hailey's mom got together with Leon's dad. For all practical purposes, they're siblings.

126 pages

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