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The moment Jack has been waiting for the past two weeks is finally here: Lynn, the incredibly tall and muscular female bodybuilder he met during the family holiday, is coming to visit him at his place for their first true date. But as Jack is looking forward to spend an intimate night with the sexy musclegirl, Lynn doesn't show up alone! Accompanying her is her equally buff and muscular sister Mey.

After Mey pulls off an incredibly sexy feat of strength with her big bicep, Jack takes Lynn aside and asks him what's going on. Just as our guy is about to jump ship, he begins to see a deeper truth about the fantastic pair of girls and makes a decision which will turn his life upside down from this day forward.

The comparisons in this comic have to be seen to be believed. Mey and especially Lynn completely dwarf Jack, and their boobs break all records! There are also great lifts, flexing, posing, worshipping, boob play and much more! 

101 pages

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