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Monica and Erick have been friends since childhood. When Monica is ready for the next step in their relationship, Erick tells her he loves her but that she's physically not his type. The two will continue as friends.

Right before Erick will disappear to college for a year, Monica discovers the truth: Erick is into musclewomen. What he didn't know is that Monica would actually love to be big, but has been holding back on working out, fearing Erick wouldn't like her any bigger.

Now everything will change.

We'll witness Monica's amazing growth throughout this comic, while meeting a few familiar and huge female characters, who help her in her journey.

This female muscle comic contains echos of the two-part series "Musclegirl" and features female muscle growth, workouts, lifting, flexing, romance, big boobs, amazing female bodies, comparisons, and much more!

111 pages

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