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Yue has enslaved Helga and Sven, and like little toys, has dressed them up. This is when Helga's parents come home - it was their house they were all in - and find an incredibly heavy weight in their living room.

That's only the first surprise. After the heavy weight, they find a... heavyweight. A female one. They've never seen a girl as tall as Yue, and certainly not an eighteen year old female bodybuilder as tall as her!

Majestic Yue is delighted to play with all of them. She lifts and compares them, makes them worship her and generally throws them around.

This comic is for fans of really, really big girls who dwarf other people and treat them as toys. There's incredible comparisons, lots of effortless lifting, worshipping, huge, anked boobs, domination and humiliation, and much more.

120 pages

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