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When I wrote "Big Sister", I really got a taste for a brother-sister relationship story. Here I bring you the adventures of an extremely dominant stepsister and her shorter and younger stepbrother. Be warned, Mathilda is a Marjorie-level domme who knows few limits! I'll let her introduce herself below:

"I should introduce myself, sorry! Sometimes I'm a bit rude - but then again there is not much need for politeness when... you're me!

My name is mathilda. It's a name that suits me quite well, as it means "strong in battle", in some old language I can't remember.

"Strong" is, I think, one of the first words that come to mind for anyone who first meets me. Well, that and "big" of course. when I'm wearing a skirt and short sleeves - which i do as often as i can - I guess the first word to come up is "muscular". At school they often call me "Muscle Mathilda", "Mathilda Muscles", "Massive mathilda", "Mountain mathilda"...

This is an extremely hot comic for the fans of mental, verbal and physical domination. I guarantee your heart will beat faster and your blood flow stronger. In any case, I'm not sure you're ready for Massive Mathilda...

53 pages

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