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David, a young teacher, has made a drunken bet with a freshman student of his called Angela. He doesn't quite remember, but the bet involved something about who was the strongest of them too. This morning, waking up at Angela's place, he finds himself on her private wrestling mat, facing this student much bigger than him. What had he been thinking?!

Angela is a tall, beautiful blonde with big boobs and a strong body from spending many hours in the gym. She's as self-confident as she is sexy, and has no problem putting David in every hold and lift that she wants. 

You'll see the musclegirl boob-smothering David, facesitting and scissoring him, lifting him in all possible ways and holding him in many holds. She's totally in control, holding off David's pleasure for as long as she desires, toying with him, but eventually showing herself a kind girl providing a "happy ending" :-)

Angela is a dream come true for every amazon lover. Especially fans of more realistically sized women will appreciate her!

This is a comic by new artist Lecter38, who as you will see does a great job with well-executed and complex poses, as well as with sexy descriptions!

62 pages

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