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Kira is your average girl but... she's got a huge, hot, strong and cocky sister, called Tina. Kira looks up to Tina a lot, and is also protected by her. Like the other day, when that dude on the motorcycle bothered little Kira: Tina was right there!

Kira is so enthralled with her sister's muscles, size and power that she convinces her to train her at the gym, so Kira can get big muscles too. And so we find the siblings working out together eagerly. Until of course, a wannabe muscleman comes along that Tina needs to teach a lesson... She proceeds to demonstrate her incredible power with several feats of strength, with a concerned Kira watching. 

This female muscle domination comic contains lots of lifts, flexing, big boobs, feats of strength, comparisons, armwrestling, facesitting, smothering, and lots more! Awesome artwork by Ronkenobi!

122 pages

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