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When young, beautiful and tall Skye comes home with her tutor Ted, she has something else in mind than being tutored. As she easily lifts up Ted to start the fun, she walks into... her mom having her own fun with some guys.

From there on the camera zooms in on mom Jacqueline, who is a chiseled statue of a woman. She's taken these two men home from the gym (see Vacation Woes 3) and is going to have her way with them.

This comic is a crossover of the series Muscle Crush and Vacation Woes. Jacqueline and Skye are originally from the series Muscle Crush, and Jacqueline also featured in Vacation Woes.

It's all action, all incredible posing and heart-stopping comparisons. It features  blow jobs, spanking, worshipping, domination, scissoring, more incredible lifts than you can count, and much more!


109 pages

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