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Jason has agreed to an armwrestling rematch with the huge musclegirl Gillian. The stakes have been raised: if Gillian wins, the boys will do all the cooking on the trip. After the match, Gillian shows another incredible feat of strength, humiliating the two guys. Liz, Jason's sister, shows a surprising interest in and admiration for Gillian's muscles, and both her and Barb express an interest in growing bigger themselves. After they are gone, Robbie gets closer to Gillian's muscles, for the very first time discovering he get excited by the strength, power and muscles of a woman.

I think I took the artwork to another level in this one. Gillian is superhot, and after she gets out of the water, her wet skin adds an extra dimension to the realism of this female bodybuilder. This story has a particular young love-atmosphere to it that may bring back some memories. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

84 pages

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