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36 year old Mitch would like to gain some muscle, hoping this will increase his chances of finding a girlfriend. Through an accidental meeting in his appartment block, he finds a guy willing to coach him. Mitch is introduced to the building's gym, but the real change for him comes when he spots someone else there...

Beautiful, big and sexy young Liz is a fitness influencer - known on her socials as muscle_mommy, who uses the gym to go live for her fans. Thinking it will make for some create content, with the camera on, Liz walks up to Mitch, and the crowd goes wild at the comparison.

What follows is Liz showing off to her fans, comparing, lefting, flexing, benching, scissor-lifting and doing all kinds of other things to little Mitch.

The comic ends with a delicoius NSFW part, off camera, in the showers...

This female muscle comic features awesome comparisons, original lifts - including overhead lifts, a smoking hot NSFW scene (including an aerial blowjob), light domination and so much more. 

Yet another great comic by Lecter38, who does a great job bringing all your muscles fantasies to life!

131 pages

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