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Having won the crossfit competition, big female bodybuilder Fey has something to celebrate. When they get home, she throws Petey on the couch and says she has a surprise for him. Minutes later, she has changed into a sexy costume that she had tailor-made for her. The rest of this jaw-dropping comic is basically one long NSFW scene that defies belief in its sexiness.

Lecter38's posing work is incredible here. We see the the georgeous female athlete, imagining herself a jungle queen, lift her male plaything in all kinds of ways, and bringing him to a climax multiple times. Her powerhouse body is a work of art, showing big, striated muscles with veins popping, as well as huge boobs on amazing pecs. 

Her sexual prowess will leave Pete exhausted. But then, when the little man thinks the ride is finally over, it's only just beginning. Fey brings in Pam and we're witness to an incredible sexy trio. 

This episode contains comparisons, lift & carry, throws, scissors, aerial blow jobs, an incredible 2-on-1 scene, smothering, and so much more!

116 pages

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