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Oh you're in for a treat! 

It's spring break, in Cancun, Mexico. Thousands of college students are having the time of their life. So why do we see two of them ride away from all the fun in a small boat? It's simple: Henry has organized an amazing birthday present for his best friend James. He's hired a small private island for a day and a night. But included in the price he paid are two college beauties: dark Belinda, and blonde Phoebe.

Henry's not easily pleased, however, and finds Belinda's boobs too small. Fortunately, he's brought a secret weapon - an invention of his mad scientist-father. It's experimental, and the boys - and girls - will find out what exactly it can do.

I named this comic simply Female Muscle Growth, because that's what it's about. I know you love beautiful sexy women growing into ferocious bodybuilders, and that's exactly what happens in this and folllowing parts.

For lovers of female muscle growth, big boobs, and beauty, this comic also contains a wonderful overhead lift by a muscular woman.

Join Henry and James, and make the trip to the island. You won't regret it for a second!

100 pages

Thanks to Vincent Z. for commissioning this product!

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