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After the shopping date, Tina makes contact with Jess online, and the little girl's fascination for the big female bodybuilder, who is the ex of her boyfriend Art, is only just beginning... 

The next day, while she's with Art in the park, she reports about the date, casually commenting how huge Jess is and that she must be stronger than Art - which art denies. While Art is asleep on the grass, Tina receives pictures of Jess, who is sensing the small girl's growing lust. When Jess says her body is sore from all the gymwork, Tina suggests to give her a massage.

The two meet at night. Soon, the conversation turns to whether Jess could possibly get any bigger than she already is.

The only question is: how far will the two girls go. 

I'm very proud of this comic and I would like you to read it slowly, and savor the artwork, the dialogue, the subtlety. This episode contains wonderful comparisons, Jess's subtle domination, flexing, lifting, and much more.

106 pages

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