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Art needs to have a serious conversation with his ex-girlfriend Jess, by now a full-blown musclegirl. He enters her apartment one night, just as she is working out and hitting heavy weights.

Art's hopes to make her clear that she is to back off from him and his new girlfriend soon fade as Jess overpowers him and lets him know who is bigger and stronger... She jumps on him and makes him feel her all over!

And then there's the shopping date! Tina's not getting out of it, and so she and the magnificantly muscular female bodybuilder find themselves looking for clothes that fit the big girl. Then things take an unexpected turn...


Later that night, we find Tina and Art in their respective rooms, alone, each one pondering what the hell is happening, and what role the crazy ex girlfriend will still play in their future...

This smoking hot episode contains powerful domination, workouts, flexing, comparisons, intimidation and domination by the incredibly sexy and confident Jess, as well as lapsitting, comparisons, smothering, big boobs, and amazing female muscle that will have you licking your screen! 118 pages

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