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"So who is she? She's incredible," Newly arrived student Roger says to his friend Lee. They're looking at a huge muscular female.

"That's Megan," Lee says. "She's... really someting."

"Is she ah... dating anyone?"

"She's always said that she'll date the guy who manages to kiss her. She calls the challenge 'climbing mount megan'"

Of course, Roger will give it a go. He goes up to her and says he accepts the challenge. He and the seven feet, muscular Megan meet in the local gym, and Roger will do his utmost best to conquer her. Will he be up to the challenge?

Megan, the smoking hot star of this comic, is very tall, looks stunning, has incredible boobs, and crazy muscles. This comic features sexy comparisons, flexing, gentle domination and humiliation, boob kissing and smothering, wrestling holds, scissoring, lift and carry, and so much more! 

100 pages

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