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Something some of you may have been waiting for for a long time: a classic female muscle growth comic by Kurt Logan! 

Jerry Clamp is a maverick researcher. One unhappy day, his wife Charlene - a very fit blonde who enjoys working out being stronger than her husband - is diagnosed with a rare disease that eats away at her muscle cells. There is no cure, but Jerry sets off to make one and stop the disease. He does more than that, and the serum he invents not only stops the muscle cell breakdown, but boosts the cells!

With every workout, Charlene gets bigger. And also, her personality changes. While Jerry wants to reverse the effects of his serum, Charlene doesn't want to have any of it, and finds the growth in muscles, height and power downright exhilarating!

This comic features rapid muscle growth and ripping clothes, feats of strength, domination, flexing and muscle worshipping, romance, lifting, a hot long NSFW scene, big boobs, and more! 

100 pages

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