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Here's another steamingly hot comic from MiniGTSlove (known from The Russian Stepsister series), who brings us his signature incredibly muscular and busty female bodybuilders. And there's not just one or two but five glorious musclewomen in this comic!

The fun starts when the gargantuan Carla and her equally massive friend find Greg, a small guy with a midlife crisis, sitting on their motorbike. They make fun of him, lift him, and take a picture, before they pass him on to their huge daughters, Scarlet and Natalia, who happen to walk by.

The blonde sex bomb Scarlet then takes Greg to her friend Amelia - yes, yet another female bodybuilder - where the fun really starts, first with a two-bodybuilders-on-one-tiny-guy, then with just Amelia and Greg. The musclewomen lift Greg in all possible ways, and make him worship them. There's some great surprises, like Amelia pec-bouncing Greg to the floor... and I'll let you discover the rest for yourself!

This comic features very dominant females with some of the biggest boobs on Amazonias, many original lifts, muscle worship, great comparisons, humiliation, and much more. 


94 pages

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