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Big musclegoddess Caitlyn has a surprise in store for her little brother Benny and his friend Eddie: they're going to have a fun weekend in a luxury hotel. Or at least, that's what the boys *think* is going to happen. Because once they are there, Benny and Eddie discover video recording equipment in the giantess' luggage.

Caitlyn explains what she has in mind. That the boys don't like the plan is of no importance whatsoever. The big female bodybuilder tells the girls to undress and get the equipment ready. Then she towers over the boys and gives Eddie a special little something.

What follows is stuff that's not suitable for work but that is extremely suitable to satisfy your tastes, dear reader. You'll be going crazy for Caitlyn's beauty, her deviousness, her domination, and her muscles.

This comic contains incredible comparisons, amazingly creative lifts, domination and humiliation, hand-jobs, lapsitting, and so much more!

Once more size erotica writer Joyce Julep wrote the text for this episode! 

122 pages

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