"I could train with you as a weight!" - an interview with musclewoman Anna Khudayarov

I often hear from readers: I love your comics, but it's a pity that the women in your stories don't really exist. Well, some come pretty damn close. Anna Khudayarov is one of them. She may not be as tall as the girls in my female muscle comics, but she's probably stronger than a lot of them, her muscles can compete with some of my big girls, and she has the same dominant personality, as you will read in this interview...

Anna Khudayarov

First, her stats:

height: 167 cm
weight: 97 kg
biceps: 44 cm
thighs: 66 cm
age: 32 (in 2020)

Anna, can you tell us something about your athletic career? at what ages did you start what sports? We’re of course particularly interested in strength sports.
I started playing football at the age of 6, and changed to track and field at 9. I started going to the gym at 13, and decided to compete in body fitness and classic bodybuilding at 18. I changed to powerlifting (RAW, no equipment) in 2011, at the age of 22, because I hated the competition diets for bodybuilding. To my surprise I turned out to be gifted in powerlifting, even though I had never tried my max strength before 2011. I won the World Championships the same year, and broke the powerlifting All-Time World Record in 2 different weight classes 2015. I have survived close to the top of the sport ever since, and broke a World Record last time just a month ago (May 2020).

What was the main reason you got into these sports?
I guess I could have chosen to put my energy into any sport. I just chose to do what I was good at. I was born to be quite big and strong, and made myself bigger and stronger by training.

Do you like to be strong? what do you like about it?
I’m a powerlifter, it’s self-evident that I like being strong. But I like even more being mentally strong. Who doesn’t? I also love competing and winning. It’s not enough to be strong, I want to be the strongest. And I want to prove it again and again, every day.

Do you like to be stronger than guys? since when?
I always liked competing, and it was always a bigger thing to win against boys than against girls. In primary school I was slightly bigger than the boys in my class. I always won against them in playfights, and I loved it! Nowadays it’s more about comparing weights at the gym, and as you can guess, I win when comparing with normal guys by a long shot. I actually sometimes train next to a guy on on purpose, start doing the same exercises as him, and start warming up with larger weight than his max. The guy’s expression is always as precious!

What is your earliest memory of enjoying the feeling of being stronger or bigger than a boy? how was it?
I had a boy friend in primary school. We were just kids of course, and just playing together. He was the smallest boy in my class. One day after school we went to the Gladiator’s fan training area (for the 90’s Gladiator’s TV show). I beat him in every gladiator event, and he was not a bit ashamed, or even unhappy. We sat down for icecream afterwards. I was stronger than the bigger boys too, so winning from him was not the surprising part. But that was the first time I thought it was hot and sexy that I was big and strong.

Are you stronger than regular guys?
Of course I’m stronger than regular guys! I eat regular guys for breakfast ;-)

Anna Khudayarov

Do you sometimes measure your strength with guys? lifting, wrestling, armwrestling…? What is the result? can you tell tell us maybe about one or more concrete experiences
At the gym it just happens that I notice how much the guys lift, and they notice how much I lift. Just last weekend I saw two young men deadlifting with 15 kg plates on the bar (that makes 50 kg). I was already warmed up, and loaded 215 kg on the bar next to them - which took all the 25 kg kg plates of that fitness gym. They guys left quickly. I never knew if I scared them away in mid training.

I also love hearing men’s excuses about why they lift less than I do. Surprisingly I have often heard men saying that they don’t need to lift as much as me because I’m so much bigger than them . But there’s no weight classes in the jungle.

I competed in armwrestling years ago, and trained a lot with men. I was still quite skinny myself that time, but I beat all the men with similar bodyweight to my own.

How do you enjoy flexing for guys, and showing your muscles
I often flex when I get comments about my muscles. The comments often come from complete strangers. I like it best when I get scared looks. It’s also a lot of fun to throw a biceps pose at work, for some skinny male colleagues, but I try not to do that too often.

Do you enjoy the feeling when guys are impressed by your muscles? maybe when they are afraid of you?
I like it when guys are impressed of my muscles, but it’s even better, when they are afraid!

Can you tell us which titles you hold?
I have been RAW powerlifting World Champion for 9 years in a row, and a multiple World Record holder in powerlifting events.

What’s the heaviest you can put above your head, and the heaviest you can bench?
I power press 100 kg, and log press 92,5 kg. Those are over headlifts. I do not compete in those. The log press is still an unofficial Finnish national record.

I benchpress 160 kg (without equipment).

My squat record is 250 kg, and deadlift record 240 kg. I hope to break 700 kg powerlifting total still this year, though there is always next year too.

Me, I’m 135 lbs. Can you think of an imaginary workout you can do with a guy like me? (x number of overhead lifts, benchpresses, two armed curls…)
Uhm, benchpress with 135 lbs sounds like a cardio training. I hate doing more than 20 reps, but I’d have to do maybe about 50 with your weight...

135 lbs would be an ok training weight for biceps curls and overhead press. If we would be in corona quarantaine together, I could train with you as a weight!

Do you like to be worshipped?
I love to be admired. That’s not necessarily the same thing as being worshipped. If you are talking about muscle worship, I like it to the extent that I would be ready to do in public. And that’s actually quite a lot. Plus, it might be a public embarrassment for the guy worshipping me, which makes it just more fun.

Have you ever dominated a guy in a relationship?
I have twice been in a longer relationship with guys, who wanted to be dominated. But that was long ago.

If a submissive man would like to date you, how would he best go about it?
I’m not free for dating. Anyway, I get a lot of fan messages, and I do not read most of them. I’m more likely to click the messages open, if they have pictures. Still, it takes something a little bit more creative than a selfie to make me answer the message. I do not meet fans for money, so I don’t need to be nice.

You have told me you like reading my comics. What do you like most about them? Which are some of your favorites and why?
This is actually the most personal question of the interview, and I am not going to go into detail. But I like comics in general, and you already got a picture of my personality, so why would I not like the Amazonias?

My favourites are Muscle Therapy, and Jessica says. I like the mean big girls in them. In Muscle Therapy I like that both Eleonore and Eric are adults, and approximately the same age (ok, Eric is older, but not too much). It’s actually a happy love story, but there is enough of controversies and rough domination to make it interesting.

Jessica says is a nice short story. There can’t be much of a plot in a single, but I like the attitude. If people want to read one single comic, that’s one I can recommend

If we’d meet in real life, what’s the first thing you’d do with/to me?
I’m not gonna tell you. You can just think about it and be afraid, hahah!

Anna Khudayarov